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Ask Zelda
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The Astrology Wizard
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At Work and Bored
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Cafe Astrology
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Chinese Horoscope
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Circle of Light
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The Cosmic Path
For Relationship Insight consult the Cosmic Connection Oracle!
What kind of a day will you have? Ask the Well of Wisdom!

Cosmic World
The Starry Eye has Madam Lichtenstein's New Age News & Opinions!

Crowley Thoth
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DaJuana Byrd
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The Dream Time
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For Astrologers: The 1999-2016 Online Ephemeris!

Facade Tarot
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Insightful Astrology
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Kelly's Astrology Blog
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How to Find Your Style Using Your Zodiac Sign (Part 1) - CLICK HERE!
How to Find Your Style Using Your Zodiac Sign (Part 2) - CLICK HERE!

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PopSugar: Astrology
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Daily Prophecy Oracle
Free Fortune Teller
Yes/No Oracle
Astro Crystal Ball
Fun Tarot Reading
Astrology Tarot Reading

Salem Tarot
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The Saturn Sisters
Online Astrology Commentary!

Scientific Psychic
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Table of Solar & Lunar Eclipses for the years 2003 to 2020!

Spells of Magic
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CLICK HERE for free online Tarot Readings and Oracles!
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CLICK HERE for "Full Moon" dates, names, and phases!
CLICK HERE for "Friday the 13th" dates 'til 2020!
CLICK HERE for Sun rise&set times, the Moon distance calculator, Solstices, Planet charts and more "Astronomy" goodies!

Trusted Tarot
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Urban Astrologer
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